Margaretta Caesar
PO Box 552
Morrison, Colorado 80465

Telephone: 720 524 7335


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Color!  I just can’t get enough of it.

I like my cows blue, my horses salmon and my meadows shot with creamy yellow sunlight and rich purple shadows. Add to that a touch of whimsy and the result, I hope, is a painting that will keep you smiling every time you walk by.

Art is in my genes. I learned from my mom who was still painting portraits at age 88! We always had art supplies available for every “I’m bored” moment. Those years of gentle direction and praise for even the strangest “works of art” must have given me an inherent sense of confidence and the freedom to create. That creativity lay mostly dormant for many years as I married my husband who has now built my website and acts as my business manager, taught school and raised three children who act as my “in house” art critics and keep me very humble. In 2007 that dormant creative bug emerged like a cicada and I just had to put paint on canvas. I started painting horses following the “go with what you know” theory. I spent many years of my youth fox hunting over the magnificent rolling Western Pennsylvania hills. Because I lived with and loved horses, I painted them as I knew them, not just beautiful but sometimes grumpy and lazy or haughty – always with a little attitude. And, when someone said “I love your horses; why don’t you do cows?”, cows entered my life. Blue cows that is. Still lifes shimmer on windowsills now and that special beauty that is Colorado inspires my bold landscapes; who knows what’s around the corner? It’s all been a joyful ride. For the first three years, I was officially designated an “emerging artist”. I refuse to relinquish that title. I hope to always be an emerging artist. I’m learning; I’m playing; I’m improving. I hope to continue bringing a smile to everyone who sees my work. I hope to continue hearing “Wow, look at those colors!”.