Website Help

Here are some hints to help navigate my new website.  Please note: there will be some variation, depending on whether you are viewing it on a computer, tablet or smart phone.


The HOME page

  • This is set up as a full sized slide show and will switch to a new slide every 3 seconds if your mouse is off of the page.
  • The slide show displays recent works, landscapes and still lifes.
  • If you mouse over an image, the slide show will stop and arrows will appear, so you can go forward or back, as desired.
  • Mouse off the page to resume the slide show.
  • Names of paintings do not show on this page


Recent Work, Landscapes & Still Lifes

  • These pages are set up as galleries with names and sizes (height x width)
  • At the bottom of the page, you can click the button to load more paintings (this speeds initial page loading).
  • You can filter the results by clicking any of the options across the top (horizontal, vertical, square, small, medium, large).  The default is to show all painting sizes and orientations. It works best to load all paintings before filtering.
  • By clicking any painting, you will be taken to a larger image of it.  You then have the option of clicking through the larger images with names displayed. This is the best way to view paintings if your screen hides the paintings with text (uncommon).



  • The archives are intended to show a sampling of the paintings I’ve sold over the years.


Please check out my galleries and check back to my website often, as I will be updating this site more frequently than I have in the past.  And please email me any comments you may have via the Contact page!  Thanks for your interest in my work.

 Margaretta Caesar